Wee Sioux Motor and Linkage Install Video

Everything you will want and need to know about the WillyNillies.com Wee series Sioux
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Wee Sioux Motor and Linkage Install Video

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I noticed at the end of the fuselage video #3 that it was mentioned about doing a motor and linkage video next. Did that ever happen? I have searched YouTube and here and can't find a thing. I certainly can do my own thing or guess, but it would be kinda nice to know what all the parts in the kit are sourced for. Even little things like what works good and electronics placement or how many washers for thrust angle for initial setup would be nice. If anyone has some setup pics that would be great also. I'm use to much bigger planes so my fingers feel like baseball bats around these cute little things.

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Re: Wee Sioux Motor and Linkage Install Video

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Steelhamr, Please post your questions to the Willy Nillies FB group. This forum is really more for documentation at this point. Most discussions and Q&A happen on the FB group page for now.
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